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Checking Baggage through to final destination with British Airways/American Airlines

Checking Baggage through to final destination with British Airways/American Airlines?
I've booked my tickets with American Airlines and I am starting my journey in Newcastle with British Airways, connecting to an American Airlines flight to Raleigh at Heathrow. Will British Airways check my baggage all the way through to Raleigh?
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If it is a codeshare flight, the answer is usually yes. If you have a long layover between flights, you usually have to re-check your baggage before your next flight. Why don't you call AA? You won't get the info you need here, as it depends entirely on the ticket type that you have bought.
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It doesn't matter if the British Airways flight between Newcastle and London is a codeshare with American Airlines or not. Providing these flights are on the same booking, your bags will be checked in at Newcastle and can be collected in Raleigh. Both British Airways and American Airlines are members of the oneworld alliance, so the process should be very straightforward. I travel a lot and have never heard of passengers having to collect baggage when on long layovers, as evi suggested. Even on a flight to Moscow (via Dusseldorf) a couple of years ago, my bags did not have to be collected, and that was an almost 12 hour layover.
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Yes, BA will transfer the bags to AA.
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Yes, you bags will be transferred all the way through to Raleigh. Please note, on your return trip, you'll have to claim your bags in Heathrow, and check them in again British Airways since you were on an international arrival. But, on your first leg of the trip, they will be checked all the way through. Have a great trip!

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