Monday, September 1, 2014

Shooting death investigation in Raleigh County

Shooting death investigation in Raleigh County

GLEN WHITE, W.Va. — A Raleigh County man was arrested Sunday and charged with murder. Sheriff’s deputies charged Joe Collins, 67, of Glen White, in the shooting death of Larry Totten. The sheriff’s department didn’t release much information Sunday.

Joy is clean water flowing from taps in once-dry village

A Raleigh International volunteer showing how to use the Tippy Tap solution to save water. The closest water source was roughly about five miles away and the entire village had lived in isolation till the mid 1980s when local communities began merging ...

Union, NAACP plan 3 Labor Day rallies across NC

RALEIGH, N.C. — Union and civil rights leaders are joining together for a series of rallies and news conferences across North Carolina on Labor Day. The #TalkUnion tour kicks off Monday morning in Raleigh, continues at noon in Greensboro and finishes in ...

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