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What is a reasonable flight cost to Rome, Italy from Raleigh, NC

What is a reasonable flight cost to Rome, Italy from Raleigh, NC?
I will be traveling to Rome in April and the cost of the flight from Raleigh, NC is about $1,100 round trip right now - Saturday departure to Sunday a week later. Since I have 10 months before the trip should I wait a bit to see if the price goes down or is this a decent price that will only go up? I took a trip to Rome in 2002 got a flight for $550...I know times and prices change but I don't know what's reasonable now. I am not one to wait until the last minute to schedule a flight. Standby is not an option. There are two of us going. Thanks!
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$ 550 was three years ago. be prepared to pay a couple thousand at least.
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That pricee is still reasonable as its summertime . But the flight is about 7 hours from where you are.,
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Whatever price you set aside for this trip, I would HIGHLY recommend You can 'name your own price' for hotels, etc... And I just got an AWESOME deal for a Hilton hotel on the river walk in San Antonio. It was 1/2 the price my husband & I paid for our honeymoon @ the SAME HOTEL!! Check it out & good luck!!! : ) I would LOVE to go to ROME!!!!
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You can get good deals in April since it is not high season. At this momement showned, fare starts from 620USD plus queue tax, plus government tax (normally around 220-300USD) -- Travel on weekday in April, weekend normally add 50USD. You can check with some travel agencies to get quotes from their wholesalers.
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Most airlines have had to add $130 to $160 to roundtrip transatlantic airfares due to high fuel costs, so expect the cheapest possible to be near $700 when all taxes and fees are included. (Not sure what one answer was on about... "queue" tax???! I fly internationally quite a lot, and I've never heard of that). This will help you track down the best fares: However, it's too early to book now (July) for an April departure. April is "shoulder season" and airlines often have specials. USAir serves Rome, and they often have it on sale for Apr/May. I'd feel good waiting to book 90 to 21 days in advance. Shop around; a good source is because you can see the best sale fares, as well as consolidator fares.
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One possibility to save a little money would be to fly from RDU to London Gatwick on a regular trans-Atlantic flight, then pick up a cheap Euro-airline (like EasyJet, RyanAir, etc) to get to Rome. Those cheap eurolines can save you alot of money.

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